Tuesday, April 5, 2011


A special article that I'm writing regarding a few symptoms of over possessiveness in a relationship.. I said this is a special article cozz its Ugadi(Telugu new year) and also my birthday :D
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Love delights when experienced mutually, and love even enriches when enjoyed together. We tend to love to the extremes and don’t care for other aspects. Sometimes, a limit is also breached when the sign of too much love comes to surface. Being in intense loves binds us to go crazy for the person we love. And this leaves us with little than to go possessive for the same individual.

Sometimes, we even can’t tolerate partners acts, and that the stage when we’re rated as over possessive. Let’s check out whether you’re over possessive or not.

Heart sinks while partners talk with others
And that’s pretty common aspect of being over possessive. As soon as the partner starts having conversation with anyone else, the heart sinks as low as it could to fill the mind with lots of clouds. And this is enough to leave us being counted as an over possessive person. The act of talking with others of opposite sex leaves you terrified for a moment, and as soon as such happens, it clearly indicates your being an over possessive individual.

You feel low as the phone gets engaged
What if you call the partner and the phone is engaged for a while, and even this leaves you in disarray, the signs are apparent then. You never wish the phone of the partners gets ever engaged. And if you feel bad taste and low in confidence as the phone gets busy for longer than you expect, it clearly suggests of your being an over possessive individual.

If the partners appreciate any opposite sex
If you can’t bear appreciation for any opposite sex individual from your partner, then it also indicates your being of an over-possessive nature. The way the partners showers praises on others is not tolerable to you, and once such is felt, you must have the idea of the possession bug.

These are just few of the signs that are usually experienced by lovers everywhere. And even if you feel the same, then you have become an over-possessive partner for sure.

So friends,remember that too much over possession will burn away the sweetness of a relation.. Be close,let your ego turn down.. Enjoy the fragrance of your relation.. Keep rocking..!!
Sriram Mallik.


  1. You are right !
    But this is not easy. Nobody wants to be in this tension....
    My Question is How to get out of this situation ?